4Finance Academy

4Finance has a department devoted to training future accountants and tax advisors.

We support the candidate trainee accountants/tax advisors in their training course in order to prepare them most efficiently to receive the prestigious title of accountant and/or tax advisor.

A specialised, personalised support programme is provided to the candidates to maximise their chance of success.

The programme

Here is a brief overview of the programme:

  • Follow-up and planning of the topics to be mastered
  • Provision of the content and works on all the topics
  • Study programme and support throughout your course (over 3 years)
  • Preparation for & assistance with the ITAA entrance examination
  • Preparation for & assistance with the ITAA intermediate tests
  • Preparation for & assistance with the ITAA final examination 
  • Personalised coaching throughout the traineeship
  • Regular practical exercises and periodic evaluations

Practical application is an important aspect; we give the trainee the opportunity to develop at the practical level too through assistance to technical assignments, especially in the financial field, in order to acquire better mastery of all the topics useful in the framework of the profession. 

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This programme is reserved exclusively for staff members of 4Finance.

Interested?  Don’t hesitate to submit your application to us here